How to apply

1. Check the dates for the upcoming auditions

Berklee is holding auditions all around the globe and you can find the list of all the dates here:
Audition and Interview Dates

2. Fill out your online application & pay registration fee

The first step required to apply is filling out the online application form on and select your desired location for the audition to take place. Payment of a non-refundable 150$ application fee is required to complete the application process.

A few months later you will receive a notification telling you whether or not you are invited to the audition and get information on your time slot.

3. Submit required documents IN TIME!

If your application was accepted and your audition has been scheduled you should make sure to supply all the requested documents. This includes your high school and college transcripts (if applicable) verified by an american credential evaluation agency (such as ECS) and your TOEFL or IELTS scores (if you are an international student).

Once you passed the audition and were accepted to college you will only have ONE MORE MONTH to submit all the required documents or else you will NOT be eligible to receive a scholarship.

One month might seem like a long time but trust me, it really isn’t. ECE and TOEFL take multiple weeks to process and send out documents and everything that you have to send via post (especially from Europe) won’t reach the college over night either! Also express shipment from the EU to the US is ludicrously expensive.

4. Prepare for you audition!

For your Berklee audition you will be asked to perform one piece of music from YOUR repertoire – preferably with improvisation in it. The piece should be something that you feel comfortable playing and should show your musical personality. It is also possible to play a transcribed solo or something along those lines. Depending on whether or not your prepared piece contains improvisation you will be asked to either jam with one or two faculty members or to improvise over a given chord progression.

Other tasks might include having to play a couple of chords and scales, singing simple scales and a fair portion of sight-reading at various difficulties.

5. The interview

Another important part of the audition is a one-on-one interview with Berklee faculty. You might be asked what made you want to choose music as your profession, why Berklee should accept YOU and what makes you different from the masses and how you will fit in with the Berklee community and what you will contribute to it. It is important that you know something about the history and philosophy of the college and can express that in your answers.

This part of the audition is often more important than your performance because this college really cares about the person behind the performer. I would advise you to really prepare yourself for this interview and inform yourself about Berklee’s history and philosophy.

6. About scholarships

Berklee bases your eligibility for receiving a scholarship purely on your AUDITION and INTERVIEW and offers scholarships from 2.000$ up to the entire tuition. This scholarship will be equally divided across the 2 semesters of ONE academic year. You will be able to renew your scholarship every academic year by making “good academic progress” (as Berklee calls it) and you can also audition for reconsideration to increase your current scholarship.

You can find more information on Berklee’s Department of Scholarships page.


For even more detailed information please consult Berklee’s POLICY HANDBOOK. This should always be your go-to resource for any question you might have on school policies!