Helpful Links

Here you can find some useful resources you should check out if you’re interested in attending Berklee yourself. These are especially useful for international students!

The Basics

Berklee Valencia Campus (currently Master’s Degrees only):
Berklee facts and Statistics       The Berklee Viewbook
Available Majors      Available Masters (Valencia)
Principal Instruments
The Berklee Mission and Philosophy       Policy Handbook (VERY IMPORTANT!)
Berklee Online Studies       Berklee Summer Programs (12 weeks)
Recommended Reading List for the Core Music Curriculum (Semesters 1-4)
Entering Student Proficiency Exam preperation resources

For international students

Berklee World Tour Dates (International auditions)
Visa Information
Scholarship FAQs      Housing Resources
Public Transportation (MBTA)
US Visa Talk – Your guide to the F1 Visa


Berklee on YouTube (Loads of great videos of students and faculty ensembles on here!)
Berklee Online on YouTube (Insights into the Berklee Online Courses and great tutorials)
Berklee App for iOS (Recent news, blog entries, videos and podcasts, event alerts etc.)
Berklee Today (Official Alumni Blog & News feed)
Berklee Groove (Official Student Newspaper)

For German Students

DAAD Music Scholarship
Fulbright Kommission Scholarships
Overview of German Music Scholarships and awards (MIZ)


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