Bass @ Berklee

Berklee’s bass department is really something to behold. I cannot think of any better place that a bassist could come to to study his instrument. The list of teachers who teach bass at Berklee will leave anyone speechless.

The faculty includes incredible names like Victor Bailey (who I am fortunate enough to have as a teacher), Steve Bailey (Chair of the bass department), Victor Wooten, John Pattitucci, Jim Stinnett, Joe Santerre and the list goes on… There’s literally a bass teacher for any style you can think of.

Also there are bass labs that cover every style imaginable… From studying the latin jazz masters to bass line construction to metal bass and midi-controller labs – Berklee’s got you covered. In total the bass department is offering around 50 different courses just for bassists!!!

Besides that the bass department really feels like a family to me and the communication going on in there is just awesome. Loads of great clinics are happening every week and being in the faculty office is always a great hang. Every single one of these teachers is really accessible and there for you whenever you need them. It’s really something I haven’t experienced at a music college before!


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