IMG_7821Hey there! My name is Christopher Bolte and I’m a professional bassist from Germany in the early 20s. In the spring of 2014 one of my biggest dreams came true: I received a generous scholarship from the Berklee College Of Music.
This was something I dreamed about ever since I started studying Jazz in Osnabrueck back in 2011. No matter where I looked, the name Berklee was everywhere, especially in the resumées of some of my all time favorite musicians – so it was only natural that I had to go there somehow, no matter what.
Now that I am presented with the incredible possibility of studying there I want to share my very own Berklee experience with you guys to give you a look inside this crazy place.

If you’re interested in attending this college yourself or interested in studying music in general I’d love to share some advice and experience so feel free to follow this blog and ask me all you want to know!

I’ve also provided links to some useful resources that you might want to look at if you’re interested in attending Berklee yourself! Just click on “Berklee Resources” have a look!

If you want to know more about me be sure to check out my website www.ChristopherBolte.com


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