NICO & VINZ – “Am I Wrong” original arrangement

Hey folks! The time has finally come that I’m able to present to you the fruits of labour from what had to be my favorite project at Berklee: “The Dreamerz”!!!
11 musicians from around the US and the world (including yours truly) are bringing you this arrangement of the 2013 Nico & Vinz hit song “Am I Wrong” with a fusion-y Caribbean twist 🙂

The arrangement was recorded in two sessions in the Berklee studios and several smaller private sessions in Berklee’s practice rooms. Most of the material was filmed while recording.

We are…

Angela Whittaker, Brionna Allen, Aaron Gregory // VOCALS
Chunka Amarè // TRUMPET
Kevon Scott // SAXOPHONE
Marcus Prince // STEEL PANS
Belanger Magni // KEYS
Noé Zagroun // PIANO SOLO
Ben Bass // GUITAR
Christopher Bolte // BASS, AUX KEYS
Joshua Gumbs // DRUMS

“Am I Wrong” originally written by William Wiik Larsen, Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery
Recorded in the studios and practice rooms @ Berklee College of Music and in Nice – France.
ENGINEERS // Bas Janssen, Kevin Qin, Christopher Bolte

Mixed and mastered by Christopher Bolte @ Timbre Recording Studios in Bückeburg – Germany

CAMERAS // Christopher Bolte, Ben Bass, Joshua Gumbs
Video edited by Christopher Bolte


Christopher Bolte is supported by:
Paul Lairat Basses, FEXX Basses, Rheingold Music, MC Systems, Taurus Amplification, Singular Sound and GruvGear


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