The 1st semester is over

Sorry for taking so to post any updates but now it’s as good a time as any to reflect on my very first semester at Berklee! 30 minutes ago I handed in my final exam and winter break has officially started for me.

This semester has been crazy. I cannot recall any time at my old college where I had to work this hard with this much consistency in every single subject I took – but I have to say that this semester alone has already helped me significantly increase many aspects of my musicianship and personality. The reason I came here was to take a break from my previous hybrid life of professional musicianship alongside college and to take the time to ACTUALLY study intensively without the distractions that a working musician has to deal with. I have to say, this plan worked out and I feel genuinely satisfied with what I managed to achieve during this semester.

Not to mention all the incredible people I have met here already and the countless jam sessions we played, the countless times we hung out together and the hours we spent talking. It is fascinating to have so many people from all across the globe come together in this crazy place – all driven by music and full of creative energy… An immense life force can be felt within these classrooms.

Clinics, of course, have been off the charts with numerous appearances by Victor Wooten and John Pattituci, personal instruction with Gary Willis and many more guests like Brian Blade, Kenny Werner, Patrice Rushen, John Clayton and many, many more… The creative input I have gotten out of all of these people is simply invaluable and it has been a great experience to actually meet with these people on a very personal level – very different to approaching them at one of their concerts.

Now that the semester is over it’s finally time to get some rest and explore the area a bit more… Sadly my funds don’t allow me to go back home over the holidays but that, I feel, is also an experience I will learn something from. The next big event to look forward to is also on the horizon: The 2016 NAMM Show from January 21-24 where I will be together with Paul Lairat and a small team of amazing people!

I will write a little more during my christmas break and also create some more content for the other sections of this site so be sure to drop by regularly 😉



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