The first week

So now it’s been exactly one week since I first set foot on Boston soil and since then I loved every minute of it so far. It really is an inspiring place to be even when you’re not yet studying. I spent this week (and will still be spending a large portion of next week) exploring the city and the campuses of some of it’s colleges taking loads and loads of photos. I will be adding more and more galleries of the photos I took in the city under the menu item “Berklee & Boston” > “Galleries” so be sure to check them out!

It’s just overwhelming how many events of great historical significance have happened in this city and are still manifested in the many historic buildings and landmarks.

With over 250.000 students this city has a very lively and upbeat vibe and really feels like the place to be to get some world class education.

For that matter… I can’t wait to finally immerse myself in Berklee’s campus life and to really become a part of the community. This really is the most inspiring environment I’ve been to…

The Old State House of Massachusetts where the declaration of independence was read to the public for the first time on the 18th of July 1776.

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